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Bellwood, Peter

The Global Prehistory of Human Migration

€ 56.29

Previously published as the first volume of The Encyclopedia of Global Human Migration , this work is devoted exclusively to prehistoric migration, covering all periods and places from the first hominin migrations out of Africa through the end of prehistory.

Taal / Language : English

Notes on Contributors viii 1 Prehistoric migration and the rise of humanity 1 Peter Bellwood Part I: The Peopling of the World during the Pleistocene 7 2 The earliest stages of hominin dispersal in Africa and Eurasia 9 Christine Hertler, Angela Bruch, and Michael Märker 3 Hominin migrations before Homo sapiens: Out of Africa – how many times? 18 Colin Groves 4 Early Old World migrations of Homo sapiens: human biology 26 Mark Stoneking and Katerina Harvati 5 Early Old World migrations of Homo sapiens: archaeology 38 Peter Hiscock 6 Pleistocene migrations in the Southeast Asian archipelagos 49 François Sémah and Anne-Marie Sémah 7 The human colonization of Australia 55 Peter Hiscock 8 The human colonization of the Americas: archaeology 61 David J. Meltzer 9 The human colonization of the Americas: population genetics 70 Simon G. Southerton Part II: Holocene migrations 77 10 Neolithic migrations: food production and population expansion 79 Peter Bellwood 11 Human migrations and the histories of major language families 87 Peter Bellwood 12 Sub-Saharan Africa: linguistics 96 Christopher Ehret 13 Sub-Saharan Africa: archaeology 107 Peter Robertshaw 14 Sub-Saharan Africa: human genetics 115 Evelyne Heyer and Jorge Rocha 15 Levant and North Africa: Afroasiatic linguistic history 125 Václav Bla ek 16 Levant and North Africa: archaeology 133 Gregory P. Gilbert 17 Ana tolia and the Balkans: archaeology 139 Mehmet Özdogan 18 Europe and western Asia: genetics and population history 146 Mark G. Thomas, Toomas Kivisild, Lounes Chikhi, and Joachim Burger 19 Europe and western Asia: Indo-European linguistic history 157 Paul Heggarty 20 Europe: Neolithic colonization 168 Ron Pinhasi 21 Northern Europe and Russia: Uralic linguistic history 178 Václav Bla ek 22 Central Asia: genetics and archaeology 184 Ron Pinhasi and Evelyne Heyer 23 Northern and northeastern Asia: archaeology 191 Yaroslav V. Kuzmin 24 Northeastern and central Asia: “Altaic” linguistic history 197 Alexander Vovin 25 Eastern Asia: Sino-Tibetan linguistic history 204 Randy J. LaPolla 26 Eastern Asia: archaeology 209 Zhang Chi and Hung Hsiao-chun 27 Eastern Asia and Japan: human biology 217 Hirofumi Matsumura and Marc Oxenham 28 Japan: archaeology 224 Mark J. Hudson 29 Korea: archaeology 230 Seonbok Yi 30 South Asia: Dravidian linguistic history 235 Franklin C. Southworth and David W. McAlpin 31 South Asia: archaeology 245 Dorian Q. Fuller 32 Trans-Indian Ocean migration 254 Atholl Anderson 33 Southeast Asian mainland: linguistic history 259 Paul Sidwell 34 Southeast Asian mainland: archaeology 269 C. F. W. Higham 35 Southeast Asian islands and Oceania: Austronesian linguistic history 276 Robert Blust 36 Southeast Asian islands: archaeology 284 Peter Bellwood 37 Southeast Asian islands and Oceania: human genetics 293 Murray P. Cox 38 Papua New Guinea: indigenous migrations in the recent past 302 Bryant Allen 39 Oceania: Lapita migration 308 Matthew Spriggs 40 Micronesian archaeology 314 Mike T. Carson 41 Polynesia, East and South, including transpacifi c migration 320 Atholl Anderson 42 Australia: linguistic history 327 Patrick McConvell 43 North America: Na Dene/Athapaskan archaeology and linguistics 333 R. G. Matson and M. P. R. Magne 44 North America: Eskimo-Aleut linguistic history 340 Michael Fortescue 45 North America: Paleoeskimo and Inuit archaeology 346 T. Max Friesen 46 Eastern North America: archaeology and linguistics 354 Dean R. Snow 47 Mesoamerica and the southwestern United States: linguistic history 362 Jane H. Hill 48 Mesoamerica and the southwestern United States: archaeology 369 Steven A. LeBlanc 49 Caribbean Islands: archaeology 376 William Keegan 50 Amazonia: linguistic history 384 Alexandra Y. Aikhenvald 51 Amazonia: archaeology 392 Michael Heckenberger 52 Andes: linguistic history 401 Paul Heggarty and David Beresford-Jones 53 Andes: archaeology 410 David Beresford-Jones and Paul Heggarty Index 417
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Paperback / softback
458 pagina's
Januari 2014
690 gram
246 x 171 x 21 mm
Wiley-Blackwell gb

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen