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Literatuurgeschiedenis buitenland
Amodio, Mark C. The Anglo Saxon Literature Handbook
Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen

Mark C. Amodio

The Anglo Saxon Literature Handbook

€ 39.04

The Anglo-Saxon Literature Handbook  presents an accessible introduction to the surviving works of prose and poetry produced in Anglo-Saxon England, from AD 410-1066.

Taal / Language : English

Dedication Table of Contentsii–iv Prefacev–xi Part 1 Anglo-Saxon England: Backgrounds and Beginnings Political history 1–11 Ecclesiastical history 11–21 Linguistic history 21–26 Literary history 26–29 Traditions: oral and literate 29–32 A note on dating Anglo-Saxon texts 33–35 Part 2 The Anglo-Saxon prose tradition The writings of King Alfred the Great 37–38 Alfred’s translation of Pope Gregory the Great’s Pastoral Care 38–47 Alfred’s translation of Boethius’s Consolation of Philosophy 47–53 Alfred’s translation of St Augustine’s Soliloquies 53–58 Alfred’s translations of the Prose Psalms of the Paris Psalter 59–62 Alfred’s preface to Wærferth’s translation of Pope Gregory’s Dialogues 62–63 The Vercelli Homilies 63–70 The Blickling Homilies 70–76 The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle 76–83 The Old English Orosius 83–89 Bede’s Ecclesiastical history of the English people 90–100 Apollonious of Tyre 100–106 The Old English Martyrology 106–110 The Life of St Guthlac 110–113 Wonders of the East, Letter of Alexander, Life of St Christopher 113–120 Bald’s Leechbook 120–125 The writings of Ælfric of Eynsham125–133Ælfric’s Catholic Homilies133–138 Ælfric’s Lives of Saints 138–141 Ælfric’s Colloquy on the Occupations 141–144 Ælfric as author 145–149 The writings of Wulfstan, Archbishop of York 150–157 Part 3 Anglo-Saxon poetry The Anglo-Saxon poetic tradition 158–170 Cædmon’s Hymn 170–176 Bede’s Death Song 176–177 The Junius manuscript 177–179 Genesis A 180–182 Genesis B 182–188 Exodus 188–194 Daniel 194–199 Christ and Satan 199–205 The poems of the Vercelli Book 205–207 Andreas 207–217 Fates of the Apostles 218–222 Soul and Body I 222–227 Homiletic Fragment I 227–228 The Dream of the Rood 228–234 Elene 234–240 The poems of the Exeter Book 240–242 The Advent Lyrics (Christ I) 242–245 The Ascension (Christ II) 246–249 Christ in Judgement (Christ III) 250–254 Life of St Guthlac 254–255 Guthlac A 255–258 Guthlac B 258–262 Azarias 263–265 The Phoenix 265–270 Juliana 271–276 The Wanderer 276–281 The Gifts of Men 281–282 Precepts 283–284 The Seafarer 284–287 Vainglory 287–290 Widsið 290–293 Fortunes of Men 293–296 Maxims (I) 296–298 The Order of the World 299–300 The Rhyming Poem 300–303 The Panther, The Whale, The Partridge (The OE Physiologus) 303–306 Soul and Body II 306–307 Deor 307–310 Wulf and Eadwacer 311–313 The Exeter Book Riddles 313–316 The Wife’s Lament 317–320 Judgement Day I 320–323 Resignation (A and B) 323–326 The Descent into Hell 326–328 Almsgiving 328–329 Pharaoh 329–330 The Lord’s Prayer I 330–331 Homiletic Fragment II 331–332 The Husband’s Message 332–335 The Ruin335–338 The poems of Cotton Vitellius A.xv 338–339 Beowulf 339–362 Judith 363–369 Poems from various manuscripts The Metres of Boethius 370–377 Metrical Psalms of the Paris Psalter 377–379 Solomon and Saturn I and II 380–384 The Menologium 385–387 The Rune Poem 387–389 The poems of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle 390–392 The Battle of Brunanburh 392–394 The Battle of Maldon 395–400 The Fight at Finnsburh 401–405 Waldere 405–408 Durham 409–411 Part 4 Critical approaches The alterity of Anglo-Saxon literature 412–416 Source studies 417–420 Manuscript studies 420–421 Grammatical and syntactic studies 421–422 Theoretical perspectives 422–424 Christian 424–426 Germanic legend 426–429 Gender429–432 Psychological 432–435 Oral-traditional 435–443 Part 5 Themes 444–446 Heroism 446–450 The end of the world 450–452 The transitory nature of life 452–453 Fate 453–455 Wisdom and knowledge 455–457 Otherness 457–459 Oral-traditional themes459–461 Bibliography 462–509 Index 510–XXX
Extra informatie: 
Paperback / softback
432 pagina's
Januari 2013
544 gram
227 x 152 x 20 mm
Wiley-Blackwell us

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen

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