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Levertijd: 4 tot 8 werkdagen

The New Desert Reader

Descriptions of America`s Arid Regions

€ 25.24

Taal / Language : English

Acknowledgments viii
Introduction: Where God Is and Man Is Not 1(122)
1. First Dreamers
Legends and Lore of the Papago and Pima Indians
Dean Saxton and Lucille Saxton (compilers)
2. Two Dreams Meet
The Narrative of Alvar Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca
3. Derring-Do
The Personal Narrative of James Ohio Pattie
4. The Democratization of Horrors
Death Valley in `49 by William L. Manly
5. Famine Sits Enthroned
An Overland Journey by Horace Greeley
6. The Privileged Tourist
Adventures in the Apache Country by J. Ross Browne
7. Moon Mania
Mission of the North American People by William Gilpin
8. Into the Labyrinths
Exploration of the Colorado River of the West by John Wesley Powell
9. Seeing with New Eyes
Report on the Lands of the Arid Region of the United States by John Wesley Powell
10. The Desert Sublime 123(12)
Tertiary History of the Grand Carton District by Clarence E. Dutton
11. The Southwest as Show Biz 135(6)
Some Strange Corners of Our Country by Charles F. Lummis
12. Second Thoughts 141(17)
On the Border with Crook by John G. Bourke
13. The Desert as Art 158(8)
The Desert by John C. Van Dyke
14. A Child of the Earth and Moon 166(18)
The Land of Little Rain by Mary Austin
15. Something Stood Still in My Soul 184(13)
Indians and an Englishman and New Mexico by D.H. Lawrence
16. Regional Wholeness 197(14)
The Voice of the Coyote by J. Frank Dobie
17. A Wild Country to Be Young In 211(12)
A Sand County Almanac by Aldo Leopold
18. God`s Hand in the Sky 223(11)
The Desert Year by Joseph Wood Krutch
19. The Geography of Hope 234(13)
The Sound of Mountain Water by Wallace Stegner
20. The Ghost of Radicals Past 247(13)
Abbey`s Road by Edward Abbey
21. Waking Up to Eternity 260(15)
Wind in the Rock by Ann Zwinger
22. The Esthetic of Detachment 275(15)
Scenes in America Deserta by Peter Reyner Banham
23. Changing Genuine Desert Mysteries 290(12)
Skeleton Man by Tony Hillerman
24. Teetering on the Edge 302(4)
`The Tangle of Taxonomy` by Ann Japenga
Epilogue: Where We Are 306(5)
Bibliography 311(8)
Index 319
Extra informatie: 
Paperback / softback
324 pagina's
Januari 2006
522 gram
222 x 152 x 25 mm

Levertijd: 4 tot 8 werkdagen