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Literatuur: Diversen
Briefwisselingen literaire auteurs
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Recollections and Letters of Robert E. Lee

€ 16.95

Taal / Language : English

Services in the United States Army
Captain Lee, of the Engineers, a hero to his child---The family pets---Home from the Mexican War---Three years in Baltimore---Superintendent of the West Point Military Academy---Lieutenant-Colonel of Second Cavalry---Suppresses ``John Brown Raid`` at Harper`s Ferry---Commands the Department of Taxes.
The Confederate General
Resigns from Colonelcy of First United States Cavalry---Motives for this step---Chosen to command Virginia forces---Anxiety about his wife, family, and possessions---Chief adviser to President Davis---Battle of Manassas---Military operations in West Virginia---Letter to State Governor.
Letters to Wife and Daughters
From Camp on Sewell`s Mountain---Quotation from Colonel Taylor`s book---From Professor Wm. P. Trent---From Mr. Davis`s Memorial Address---Defense of Southern ports---Christmas, 1861---The General visits his father`s grave---Commands, under the President, all the armies of the Confederate States.
Army Life of Robert the Younger
Volunteer in Rockbridge Artillery---``Four Years with General Lee`` quoted---Meetings between father and son---Personal characteristics of the General---Death of his daughter Annie---His son Robert raised from the ranks---The horses, ``Grace Darling`` and ``Traveller``---Fredericksburg---Freeing slaves.
The Army of Northern Virginia
The General`s sympathy for his suffering soldiers---Chancel-lorsville---Death of ``Stonewall`` Jackson---General Fitzhugh Lee wounded and captured---Escape of his brother Robert---Gettysburg---Religious revival---Infantry review---Unsatis-factory commissariat.
The Winter of 1863--4
The Lee family in Richmond---The General`s letters to them from Camps Rappahannock and Rapidan---Death of Mrs. Fitzhugh Lee---Preparations to meet General Grant---The Wilderness---Spottsylvania Court House---Death of General Stuart---General Lee`s illness.
Fronting the Army of the Potomac
Battle of Cold Harbour---Siege of Petersburg---The General intrusts a mission to his son Robert---Battle of the Crater---Grant crosses the James River---General Long`s pen-picture of Lee---Knitting socks for the soldiers---A Christmas dinner---Incidents of camp life.
The Surrender
Fort Fisher captured---Lee made Commander-in-Chief---Battle of Five Forks---Retreat of the Army of Northern Virginia---The General`s farewell to his men---His reception in Richmond after the surrender---President Davis hears the news---Lee`s visitors---His son Robert turns farmer.
A Private Citizen
Lee`s conception of the part---His influence exerted toward the restoration of Virginia---He visits old friends throughout the country---Receives offers of positions---Compares notes with the Union General Hunter---Longs for a country home---Finds one at ``Derwent,`` near Cartersville.
President of Washington College
Patriotic motives for acceptance of trust---Condition of college---The General`s arrival at Lexington---He prepares for the removal of his family to that city---Advice to Robert, Junior---Trip to ``Bremo`` on private canal-boat---Mrs. Lee`s invalidism.
The Idol of the South
Photographs and autographs in demand---The General`s interest in young people---His happy home life---Labours at Washington College---He gains financial aid for it---Worsley`s translation of Homer dedicated to him---Tributes from other English scholars.
Lee`s Opinion Upon the Late War
His intention to write the history of his Virginia campaigns---Called before a committee of Congress---Preaches patience and silence to the South---Shuns controversy and publicity---Correspondence with an Englishman, Herbert C. Saunders.
Family Affairs
The General writes to his sons---To his wife at Rockbridge Baths---He joins her there about once a week---Distinguished and undistinguished callers at his Lexington home---He advocates early hours---His fondness for animals.
An Ideal Father
Letters to Mildred Lee---To Robert---To Fitzhugh---Interviewed by Swinton, historian of the Army of the Potomac---Improvement in grounds and buildings of Washington College---Punctuality a prominent trait of its President---A strong supporter of the Y. M. C. A.
Mountain Rides
An incident about ``Traveller``---The General`s love for children---His friendship for Ex-President Davis---A ride with his daughter to the Peaks of Otter---Mildred Lee`s narrative---Mrs. Lee at the White Sulphur Springs---The great attention paid her husband there---His idea of life.
An Adviser of Young Men
Lee`s policy as college president---His advice on agricultural matters---His affection for his prospective daughter-in-law---Fitzhugh`s wedding---The General`s ovation at Petersburg---His personal interest in the students under his care.
The Reconstruction Period
The General belives in the enforcement of law and order---His moral influence in the college---Playful humour shown in his letters---His opinion of negro labour---Mr. Davis`s trial---Letter to Mrs. Fitzhugh Lee---Intercourse with Faculty.
Mrs. R. E. Lee
Goes to Warm Springs for rheumatism---Her daughter Mildred takes typhoid there---Removes to Hot Springs---Her husband`s devotion---Visit of Fitzhugh and bride to Lexington---Miss Jones, a would-be benefactor of Washington College---Fate of Washington relics belonging to Mrs. Lee`s family.
Lee`s Letters to His Sons
The building of Robert`s house---The General as a railroad delegate---Lionised in Baltimore---Calls on President Grant---Visits Alexandria---Declines to be interviewed---Interested in his grandson---The Washington portraits.
The New Home in Lexington
Numerous guests---Further sojourns at different Baths---Death of the General`s brother, Smith Lee---Visits to ``Ravens-worth`` and ``The White House``---Meetings with interesting people at White Sulphur Springs---Death of Professor Preston.
Failing Health
The General declines lucrative positions in New York and Atlanta---He suffers from an obstinate cold---Local gossip---He is advised to go South in the spring of 1870---Desires to visit his daughter Annie`s grave.
The Southern Trip
Letters to Mrs. Lee from Richmond and Savannah---From Brandon---Agnes Lee`s account of her father`s greetings from old friends and old soldiers---Wilmington and Norfolk do him honour---Visits to Fitzhugh and Robert in their homes.
A Round of Visits
Baltimore---Alexandria---A war-talk with Cousin Cassius Lee---``Ravensworth``---Letter to Doctor Buckler declining invitation to Europe---To General Cooper---To Mrs. Lee from the Hot Springs---Tired of public places---Preference for country life.
Last Days
Letter to his wife---To Mr. Tagart---Obituary notice in ``Personal Reminiscences of General Robert E. Lee``---Mrs. Lee`s account of his death.
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Paperback / softback
461 pagina's
Januari 2007
431 gram
203 x 127 x 25 mm

Levertijd: 5 tot 11 werkdagen