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Geschiedenis algemeen
 Living in posterity
Levertijd: 5 tot 7 werkdagen

Editors Jan Frans van Dijkhuizen e.a.

Living in Posterity

Essays in Honour of Bart Westerweel

€ 29.00

Living in Posterity, presented to Bart Westerweel on his retirement as Professor of Early Modern English literature at the University of Leiden, brings together thirty-nine essays on a wide variety of subjects and themes. The contributors, scholars from the Netherlands end abroad, have drawn inspiration from the many dualities that are characteristic of Westerweels work, such as word/image, Anglo/Dutch, familiar/other, traditional/modern, and form/function. The result is a colourful mosaic of essays on history, culture, art and literature from the first century to the modern era. The binding theme of this richly diverse book lies in the idea of the continuity between the past and the present, the cohesion between what was and what is. As such, Living in Posterity is part of the larger project of the humanities to engage sympathetically with the past to speak with the dead and keep history alive.
Co-auteurs: Paul Hoftijzer, Juliette Roding, Paul Smith (red.)

Contents: Preface ALISON ADAMS, The French Versions of Van Haechts Mikrokosmos DOMINIC BAKER-SMITH, The Honour of the Garter: George Peeles Antiquarian Poetics C.C. BARFOOT, William King Takes on van Leeuwenhoek in Parodies of Hans Sloane and the Royal Societys Philosophical Transactions MICHAEL BATH, Mary Stuarts Bed of State ROLF H. BREMMER JR., Constantijn Huygens Interest in Old Germanic: A Lost Book from His Library Retrieved (Otfridi euangeliorum liber [Basel, 1571]) JAAP R. BRUIJN, A Baron Says No: Jan Gerrit van Wassenaer and Anglo-Dutch Naval Cooperation in 1707 MARGURITE CORPORAAL, Gender and Genre in Jane Wisemans Antiochus the Great PETER DAVIDSON, Emblems for the Vulnerata, Valladolid, September 1600 THEO DHAEN, Concordia discordans and the Asian American Female Detective Fiction JAN FRANS VAN DIJKHUIZEN, Pain and Protestantism: From Lucas Cranach to John Donne K.A.E. ENENKEL, The Enigma of Tacitus Ethnography: The Germania as a Manipulative Report in the Debate of Spring 98 BC REINDERT L. FALKENBURG, Pieter Aertsens Kitchen Maid in Brussels: A Peek into the Kitchen of Art PAUL J.C.M. FRANSSEN, Amorous Palms PAUL GERRETSEN, Its That Man Again. Gustave Planche and His Rembrandt ALASTAIR HAMILTON, An Unlikely Friendship: Robert Sheringham and the Cawton Family CHRIS L. HEESAKKERS, Geffrey Whitneys Use of Hadrianus Junius Emblemata PAUL HOFTIJZER, An Eighteenth-Century Amateur of Books and Science in Warmond SJEF HOUPPERMANS, Castaway or Homebound MARIKA KEBLUSEK, Extremes of Costs and Riches: The Entry of Frederic, Elector Palatine, and Princess Elizabeth in the Dutch Republic (1613) FRANS KORSTEN, Alexander Geddes and His Library A.A. MACDONALD, The Wife of Auchermuchty and Her Dutch Cousin J.P. VAN DER MOTTEN/KATRIEN DAEMEN-DE GELDER, A Copy as Immortal, as Its Original: Thomas Ross Second Punick War (London, 1661 and 1672) NICOLETTE MOUT, Humanists and Politics in an Age of Strife STEPHEN RAWLES, The Circulation of Emblems through Book Fairs: A Preliminary Study JULIETTE RODING/LEONORE STAPEL, Perspectives in Early Stuart Portraiture: the Imaginary Palace in Court Portraits SOPHIE VAN ROMBURGH, Septentrionalist Emblematics: An Early Modern Play on Runes ALISON SAUNDERS, Which Bits Travel More Easily? The European Dissemination of Emblemetic Figure and Text INEKE SLUITER/ANTHONYA VISSER, Playing The Persians: Remembering History in Literature PAUL J. SMITH, Two Illustrated Fable Books: The Esbatement moral des animaux (1578) and Verdizottis Cento favole morali (1570) A.AGNES SNELLER, Pallas and Arachne BOUKJE THIJS, A Peace-Loving Deity with Business Instinct: An Image of the Amsterdam IJ in a Seventeenth-Century Dutch Ode INGRID TIEKEN-BOON VAN OSTADE, Robert Lowth: A Loving, More Loving, Most Loving Father RICHARD TODD, Constantijn Huygens Translations of Four Poems by John Donne Made at Vis, 6-7 October 1633: A Bibliographical Approach to the Original Copytext J. TRAPMAN, Humanism and Anti-Humanism in Petrus Bloccius ARNOUD VISSER, From the Republic of Letters to the Olympus: The Rise and Fall of Medical Humanism in 67 Portraits PETER DE VOOGD, Laurence Sternes Blank Emblem ADRIAAN VAN DER WEEL, Scripta Manent: The Anxiety of Immortality MARLEEN VAN DER WEIJ, Johan de Brunes Emblemata, of Zinne-werck (1624) and the Dutch Love Emblem Tradition HELEN WILCOX, In Another Make Me Understood: Herbert in the Modern World Select Bibliography of Work by Bart Westerweel List of Contributors

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Paperback / softback
Mei 2017
uitgeverij Verloren b.v.
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Levertijd: 5 tot 7 werkdagen

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